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NOGI System Masterclass (Bundle) Buy Collection NOGI System Masterclass (Bundle)

NOGI System: Masterclass Bundle is an On Demand series and not available in the recurring AOJ+ subscription. It can be purchased for lifetime access at the following link:

Purchase Link: Here
Series Overview: Here


The first NOGI Masterclass from 2x world champion Tainan Dalpra. The series contains more than 11+ hours of content and is organized into the following three sections: Guard, Passing, and Takedowns. NOGI System documents the techniques, concepts, and training methods that Tainan used to make the transition from Gi to NOGI.

The first section of the series focuses on the guard, beginning with the seated guard and options to wrestle up from bottom. The system also features techniques and details from the X Guard.

The second section transitions to the top position and begins to focus on passing the guard. The section also includes valuable key insights like the adjustments that Tainan made to transition his passing style from Gi to NOGI, how to define an objective when passing, how to use submissions as a way to pass the guard and more.

The third and final section of the series covers takedowns from the standing position. Tainan details the difference between the grips and distance control in NOGI compared to the kimono. He also provides entries and finishes from different ranges.

Length: 11 hours 28 minutes

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USD $249.99